Surface Preparation For Rafts and Boats

It is a well-known fact that the marine environment causes a lot of corrosion to vessels. Constant action of the salty water on steel can result in damage to boats and rafts. They therefore need to be maintained at regular intervals of time. Fortunately, these days a variety of surface preparation tools are available using which repairs can be done fast, with the boats getting back to action in quick time.

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Why surface preparation?

Surface preparation, as the name suggests is the process of preparing the surface, before any coating on it is applied. The surface is treated mechanically or using certain chemicals. The treatment ensures better application of the coatings to the surface. A variety of marine paints and anti-corrosion coats are used as coatings in the case of boats and rafts.

Research your requirements

Just as in the case with other processes, you will first of all need to do a bit of planning ahead of surface preparation. First of all, you need to calculate the size of the area that needs to be made ready. You will then need to decide on the kind of coating that you want to apply on the boat. Once you are clear with these two aspects, you will then need to zero in on the tools that you will need in order to achieve your surface preparation objectives. Before you begin it is also recommended that you do a test on a small patch, in order to make sure that the machine that you intend choosing is the right one for the job.

Rust removal equipment

No ship-yard is complete without a rust removal machine. The machine is operated by using compressed air, which in turn helps operate a chisel hammer. Manufacturers these days ensure machines with low levels of vibration, which not only make them easy to operate, but also make these mean machines a lot more silent. The arrival of the rust removal machine has made surface preparation work a lot easier these days.

Grinders are a must

Another must have tool in a ship-yard is the pneumatic grinder. They are again designed in such a way that it makes it easy for the operator to handle them. Their ergonomic design ensures that they can be used to reach hard to access places inside the boat. They are again, designed for low levels of vibration. The cutting discs that are used as part of these machines are usually diamond edged in order to improve their effectiveness. Among the most important of surface preparation tools, these grinders are used for a variety of applications such as rust removal, smoothing, grinding and cutting.